Sunday, April 17, 2011

from beer city
a recollection on how they found out about disrupt youth

A few years after we started Beer City we receive a demo tape by an Australian HXC band. They were called Disrupt Youth and they played a perfect blend of HXC mixed with a snotty UK punk sound. Their songs were good musically and lyrically talked about politics (such as the OJ Simpson BS) and about everyday social problems. So we did a 7” for them. It did well so a year latter we did another one. This time thought this 7” was even more harsh and angry then the previous one! Which scored big points with us and with the public! After talking with Disrupt Youth we decided it was time for a full length and to really let the world know about this groundbreaking band.

About 2 years latter the recording and artwork was done and now all the way from Australia finally it is here! Disrupt Youth brings us their brand new debut full length! This CD contains 10 brand new songs of brilliant raw, angry HXC/Thrash. Songs once again about politics and the never-ending social problems of today’s society.

If that’s not enough this CD also contains both their 7”s (S/T and ‘Will Not be served’) previously released on Beer City back a few years ago. Now as a special bonus both 7” recordings are fully remixed and remastered so they sound even better now then before. Which gives you a total of 18 songs! So don’t waste anymore time get this CD now!

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